technews IOS 14 Update: Apple release updates. Find out supporting device lists.

IOS 14 Update: Apple release updates. Find out supporting device lists.

Apple, the world’s most valuable company, has launched the new operating systems iOS Fortin and iPad Fortin for iPhone and iPad users from today.

The company has announced its rollout through an online event on Tuesday. Apple has been providing new updates to iOS every time since the iPhone was unveiled in 2007.

The company has been adding various features in the latest update, including dark mode, multi-tasking, security features.

IOS Fortin has a widget for the home screen, a sophisticated version of the search feature, the ability to choose the default app in email and web browsers, and organized messaging.

Follow these steps before installing

You should not install a new version of the OS as soon as it is available. Before that, you need to do something. Which will make it easier to update your phone and iPad. Before installing the new update, it is advisable to clear the storage of the phone.

New updates will be available on these iPhones and iPads

ios 14 supporting device list
ios 14 supporting device list

How to update?

You can easily update both iOS Fortin and iPad Fortin software as before. For that, it will be appropriate for you to keep the mobile in charge at the beginning. This is because the update may take a long time to charge.

Also, if the WiFi connection is good, it is most suitable. Once this is done, open your iPhone and iPad and follow the procedure mentioned.

To do this, first open the ‘Settings’ app. Click on the ‘General’ option there. Then click on ‘Software Update’.

After doing so, your device will connect to Apple’s servers. And there you will see the option to download and ‘Install the update’. Click on it.

Then your update starts. The phone will reboot with the update and when you open it you will get the new iOS.

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IOS 14 Update: Apple release updates. Find out supporting device lists.

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