Mobile Phone The good news for Samsung users is that these devices will now receive up to 3rd generation updates

The good news for Samsung users is that these devices will now receive up to 3rd generation updates

Compared to other manufacturers, Samsung has been releasing more and more updates regularly. Especially for premium flagship phones like Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, operating system upgrades and software updates are just recently available.

It is important that when we update the mobile device, then it works properly. In this way, the old gadget starts working on the brand new device just like the new operating system and software.

South Korean technology company Samsung is looking to upgrade the Android operating system to make the mobile experience even better. If your mobile is based on Android Ten, it can be upgraded to Android Eleven and Android Twelve.

But not all Galaxy devices will get such an upgrade. This list only includes devices that were made public last year.

The Galaxy Tab model after the S6 will receive three generations of Android updates. The list includes the recently announced Galaxy Tab Seven Plus, Galaxy Tab Seven Plus FiveG, Tab S Seven FiveG, Tab S Seven, Galaxy Tab S Six FiveG, Galaxy Tab S Six Lite, Tab S Six and Galaxy Tab S coming. .

Similarly, Galaxy A series Galaxy A Fifty One FiveG, Galaxy A Fifty One, Galaxy A Seventy One FiveG, Seventy One, A Ninety FiveG and Galaxy A series mobiles will also get future Android updates. Of course, premium Galaxy smartphones will get even more major updates.

Galaxy Foldable devices including Z Fold to FiveG, ZFold, Jade Flip FiveG, ZFlip, Fold FiveG and Fold will also get this kind of update. The new Android operating system will also be supported on the Galaxy Note series devices after the Galaxy Note Ten.

Samsung will roll out updates for all Android phones, from the Galaxy S Ten series to the Galaxy S. Jangyun Yun, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics and chairman of the software platform team, said in a press release, “As people have been using their devices for a long time, we are working to protect them safely and provide exciting new features for the devices in their hands.”

With the support of three generations of Android upgrades, we are extending the life of our Galaxy product and also promise to provide a simple and secure mobile usage experience. As the latest invention becomes available in the market, it will also benefit older devices. ‘

For example, the Galaxy S Twenty lineup based on Android Ten, which went public last February, will support three operating system upgrades. Which will make it feel like a new phone.

The Galaxy S20 lineup will be the first Galaxy device to receive the Android Eleven upgrade next year. Other devices will only get an upgrade after that.

Samsung is committed to ensuring upgrades to keep the mobile experience up-to-date and refreshed. Premium hardware is one thing. But keeping the software updated is a different matter. Related announcements can be expected from Samsung in the next two or three years.

Mobile to get three-generation upgrades

Galaxy S Series: Galaxy S Twenty Alta FiveG, S Twenty Alta, S Twenty Plus Five G, S Twenty Plus, S Twenty Five G, S Twenty, S Ten Five G, S Ten Plus, S Ten, S Ten E, S Ten Lite And Coming Now All new S series devices.

Galaxy Note Series: Upcoming devices of Galaxy Note Twenty Alta FiveG, Note Twenty Ultra, Note Twenty FiveG, Note Twenty, Note Ten Plus FiveG, Note Ten Plus, Note Ten FiveG, Note Ten, Note Ten Lite and Note series.

Galaxy Foldable Devices: Galaxy Z Fold to FiveG, Z Fold Two, Z Flip FiveG, Z Flip, Fold FiveG, Fold and Z series newer devices.

Galaxy A Series: Galaxy A Seventy One FiveG, A Seventy One, A Fifty One FiveG, A Fifty One, A Ninety FiveG and A Series newer devices.

Tablets: Galaxy Tab S Seven Plus FiveG, Tab S Seven Plus, Tab S Seven FiveG, Tab S Seven, Tab S Six FiveG, Tab S Six, Tab S Six Lite, and Tab S series devices.

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