tips & tricks Top 20 Apple iPhone Tips and Tricks

Top 20 Apple iPhone Tips and Tricks

In the next few days, Apple will be releasing OIS and iPad OS Fortin through its World Wide Developer Conference 2020. This is the new software version of the iPhone and iPad.

Apple will probably not immediately launch the device in this new version. Apple will soon build devices on the old iOS thirteen.

Today we are going to tell you about iOS Thirteen and new features that were made public last September. Today we will also inform you about the great features that come with this version.

Don’t worry if you haven’t updated your iPhone or iPad. You can update to the latest version of iOS 13 at once.

You need to free up space and update this version. After installing this version you can get various new features on your device. These features are as follows.

Stop unknown calls

One button allows you to block any unfamiliar phone calls. After enabling this feature in iOS 13 version, only the device’s contact list and email numbers allow you to make calls.

Easy to adjust WiFi, Bluetooth settings

To connect to a WiFi network and a Bluetooth device, tapping into the Settings app and various options is a hassle. But in iOS Thirteen, you can connect to WiFi and Bluetooth devices without opening the Settings app.

Swipe keyboard

Android users have been using sweeping keyboards for years using third party apps like Swipe and Swift Key. Google has even added this feature to its Gboard.

Apple has also added this feature in the name of quick path typing. It can be typed faster than usual. It also has the option to correct spelling mistakes.

It can be installed on iOS 13. Click here to learn how to use QuickPath Typing on iPhone Thirteen.

Dark mode for everyone

Everyone who uses iOS 13 version can use the dark screen in the main apps on their device. Dark mode relaxes the eyes by removing the light screen of the device. Even Android Ten has been providing basic support to the dark theme in its apps.

Different method of deleting the app

Apple has removed the 3D Touch from the iPhone 11. In this version, the method of deleting and moving apps on the home screen of our iPhone and iPad has changed.

Video editing tool in the photo app

Photo app has improved significantly. Now it is easy to collect and surface photos. The edit tool has also got a new look. The most attractive feature is that the user can edit the video within the photo app.

Within the Photos app, you can add filters to videos, adjust brightness, and crop. Click here to know about the photo app available on iOS Thirteen.

IPad OS gestures

IPad is developing its own computing platform. At the same time, it is developing various new features. IPadOS has added a new feature to its app and homescreen.

In which you can open multiple apps at once and switch to each other. Click here to know the various attractive gestures of iPad.

Trackpad support for iPad

With the release of the iPad OS 13.4, Apple has added official trackpad and mouse support to its iPad lineup.

With this new update, it has become like a tablet laptop. It has added a desktop class Safari browser and increased its usability and ability to do many other things.

Hidden features

The biggest benefit of using new software is to be able to find out about undeclared features. These features can be seen in special updates. But iOS Thirteen also has some hidden features. Which are not found in all versions.

Volume indicator management

IOS has a very cumbersome volume indicator. Which appears on your screen. When you are looking at something, you will definitely feel annoyed when the volume indicator appears on the screen.

But it is managed in iOS Thirteen. Click here to find out how to adjust the volume.

Font as desired

Apple has been controlling the choice of fonts in iOS. But in the iOS thirteen version, the company has given the freedom to use any font within the app.

Find My Phone and Find My Friend in one place

Apple has put Find My Phone and Find My Friend in the same app as Find My. It can even help you find the lost mobile phone of a stranger.

When you report a lost Apple device, Apple crowdfunds the device’s location, urging all Apple devices to search for the lost phone’s Bluetooth signal.

When an Apple device detects your device, you may receive an alert. This service is fully encrypted.

‘Sign in with Apple’

The new privacy feature ‘Sign in with Apple’ lets you log in to various accounts and apps. However, you do not need to log in with your email address.

According to Apple, this feature protects users from tracking third-party apps.

Mimoji avatars on messages and stickers

Apple’s messaging app is supported by Mimoji profile. Mimoji’s thumbnail is placed in the message app. Now you can get a pack of stickers across your iOS Thirteen device.

Smart message search

With the advent of iOS 13 version, the method of finding old messages has become easier and smarter. From this you can easily find all your old message text, links, photos.

You can use iMessage in dual SIM. But you have to set a number as the primary number. After doing this, you have to select one of the two numbers as you wish while sending the message.

New reminder look

Reminders on this version of the device look very new and smart. You can also request a reminder if you want to talk to someone you contact in the message.

Improvements to Apple Maps

Apple’s iOS 13 version has a feature similar to Google’s Street View. Which is named Look Around.

This will allow you to share your ETA with anyone waiting for you.

Movies and songs can be shared on the earpad

It is very annoying to sit with a friend and put one earpod in your ear and the other earpod in your friend’s ear. But iOS 13 does not have this problem.

You can allow your device to share audio even on another earpad. Click here to learn how to set up your audio share.

Smart way to share photos and links

You always tap the share button to share any photo and link. For that, you will always use the share seat of iOS.

But with the advent of iOS 13 version, this seat has become even smarter. Now it has the facility to share photos and links as well as contacts and apps.

Siri’s new voice

Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri has also been updated to iOS 13. Automatic sound that used to be unrealistic is now expected to be made natural.

  1. Other updates to the iOS 13 version
  2. New fonts and options are available to mute threads in the mail.
  3. New support for new views and share folders in the gallery.
  4. A new lighting effect has been added to the camera’s portrait mode, and the direction and brightness of the light can be controlled.
  5. Apple Car Play has a new design and the main screen has a lot of other information, including ‘Hey Sir’ support.
  6. Subtle improvements to the iOS 13 version
  7. Attachments can be added to calendar events.
  8. Time and lyrics can be synchronized for Apple Music.
  9. Support for 3D AR apps like Mycraft Earth is available.
  10. Face ID unlocking is 30 times faster.
  11. App launch is twice as fast.
  12. Downloads are 50 percent faster and updates are 60 percent faster.
  13. Low data mode has arrived.
  14. 38 new languages ​​have been added to the keyboard.
  15. Language selection facility is available according to the app.

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